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Nike Presents, Unlimited Will

"Unlimited Will" celebrates an extraordinary athlete, Kyle Maynard, and his determination to surmount any challenge in his path. 30-yaer-old Maynard describes himself as a climber, author, athlete and speaker with a "general life philosophy of specializing in not specializing." He is also the first quadruple amputee to ascend Mount Kilmanjaro without the aid of prosthetics.

"We don't see the countless hours of failure that go into it. That failure set us up for the success because we know what we needed to change." Maynard elaborates. Maynard applies this same try-until-you-achieve attitude, alongside a signature "No excuses" maxim, as an internationally competitive jiu-jitsu fighter, world record-setting weightlifter and mountaineer, who beyond tackling the pure physical challenges of summitting Africa's tallest peak had to devise his own equipment.

The "Unlimited Will" film is the final installment in the Nike "Unlimited" Campaign, which includes the "Unlimited Courage" film, "Unlimited You" film, "Unlimited Youth" film and the company's recent series of athlete shorts. The campaign inspires everyone to go beyond their limits also encouraging everyone to embrace an "unlimited" mindset.

“The defining, life-changing moment [for me] was making my first tackle in football, just taking my helmet and smashing it in another guy’s shins as hard as I could,” declares Kyle Maynard.

30-year-old Maynard describes himself as a climber, author, athlete and speaker with a "general life philosophy of specializing in not specializing." He’s also the first quadruple amputee to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics.

Born in Washington, D.C., with a rare condition known as congenital amputation, Maynard made that critical football tackle in middle school then switched to wrestling in high school. ”I lost 35 times in a row in a year and a half,” he remembers. “I just kept failing and failing but then finally figured it out. And then by the time I was a senior, people were saying that I was unfairly advantaged.”

“Sometimes when we look at an athlete who has done something in a different way, done something big, done something unique, and we only see the successes.” Maynard adds. “We don’t see the countless hours of failure that go into it. That failure set us up for the success because we know what we needed to change.”

Maynard applies this same try-until-you-achieve attitude, alongside a signature “No excuses” maxim, as an internationally competitive jiu-jitsu fighter, world record-setting weightlifter and mountaineer, who beyond tackling the pure physical challenges of summiting Africa’s tallest peak had to devise his own equipment. Though he now uses an elite custom climbing system, Maynard initially wrapped towels around the end of his arms, securing them with tape.

“If you’re doing something first, you don’t have that path laid out for you so you just have to go and figure it out,” Maynard explains. “You learn how to use your mind. You learn: How do I not fall apart when I have something bad happen to me? How do I get through and overcome bigger challenges? How do I adapt? The lessons that you learn in your sport can transcend into every area of your life, in your relationships and in just any dream that you have.”

Friday, August 19, 2016

Malaysian Athletes Living Their Passion and Upping their Game

Three star athletes train for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Bootcamp Malaysia shares training tips with 11street

This August, hopeful sportsmen and women will gather in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro to take part in one of the world’s most anticipated sporting event – the Olympic Games. Closer to home, three of Malaysia’s youngest and brightest sports stars – Pandalela Rinong, Khairul Anuar Mohamad and Welson Sim – are training especially hard in preparation for the big event.

Jonathan Tan, Sports Toto Fitness Manager and Senior Instructor of Bootcamp Malaysia discusses their training regimes and shares tips on how to stay in top form for each of the sporting category.

Pandelela Rinong
Branded the nation’s sweetheart after becoming Malaysia’s first female athlete to win a medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Pandelela will once don our national colours this August.

“Good core strength, flexibility coupled with dexterity and lean muscles are some of the most important traits of a good diver,” says Jonathan, who has been promoting personal fitness and health for 15 years. “Pandelela’s success today is attributed to her disciplined training, a well-balanced diet and utmost dedication to the sport.”

To achieve Pandelela’s lithe diver physique, firstly build your core strength with a series of planks, crunches, sit-ups and push-ups. Then, elevate these series of exercises with a yoga exercise ball, which helps to work and activate harder-to-reach core muscles.

Improve your flexibility and build lean muscles through a dedicated training schedule. If you are already exercising, try increasing your frequency and incorporating new routines into your existing ones.

If you haven’t already started resistance training, it is time to get some resistance band packs, for it will enhance the exercises you are doing to reduce body fat and burn calories.

Of course, a healthy diet helps, along with a good pair of swimsuit to give you support and that extra confidence at the pool. The Powersprint Placement Powerback swimsuit, for example, is ideal for divers, thanks to its ergonomic design, support features and understated elegance.

Khairul Anuar Mohamad
Khairul is no stranger to the archery scene in Malaysia. He was determined to bring home a medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, but alas it wasn’t meant to be then. This time around, the 24-year-old is working doubly hard to ensure that he achieves his goals.
“Many people have the misconception that archers don’t need a high level of fitness, but what they fail to realise is that archers are required to be physically fit with excellent upper body muscular control, have good hand/eye coordination and balance, as well as upper body strength to do well in the sport,” Jonathan explains. “Archers utilise their fitness to create a conscious calmness through the lowering of their heart rates in competition. The calmer they are, the more accurate the shot.”

Weight lifting is one of the more effective ways to build good upper body strength. The muscles formed from lifting adjustable dumbbells will help develop the right muscle groups to draw the bow, control and extend the bow arm. This, combined with the right gears, will help pave the way to becoming a promising archer.

There are three basic items that a novice archer needs: a set of leather hand guards, a beginner archery bow and extra arrows. The hand guards are important because they cover your forearm and act as a protective barrier when you release your arrow. The leather fits snugly and keeps your sleeves, hair and skin out of the way of your bowstring.
It is always advisable to engage a coach, as he will teach you invaluable techniques and help sharpen your skills. One note of caution: always practise shooting your targets in an enclosed, dedicated space to prevent accidents or injuries to yourself and others.

Welson Sim
Welson started swimming at the tender age of 11, and has never looked back since. With the encouragement from his parents, he has decided to swim competitively. His hard work is rewarded when he became the first Malaysian to qualify for the Rio Olympics 2016.

“Swimming is one of those sports that require a lot of stamina, as competitive swimming can take quite a toll on the body. Speed in the water comes through training strength and sustaining muscle fatigue. Therefore, swimmers should reinforce their strength training for better resistance in the water,” shares Jonathan, who has participated in triathlons.

Typically, swimmers do a variety of endurance, power and speed work, so they spend a lot of time lifting weights to strengthen their upper bodies and build muscles. Some swimmers leverage ankle weights to complement their lower body endurance training.

To build stamina, many coaches encourage their swimmers to skip ropes. This good form of cardiovascular workout is usually enhanced with special jump ropes, such as the cordless jump rope, which is useful even for the most novice fitness enthusiast.

Swimming, whether for leisure or competitively, will not be complete without the full gear – complete body swimsuits (which helps retain body temperature and promote faster swims), anti-fog goggles (for clearer underwater vision) and swim caps (to protect hair against chlorine damage).

Support, support, support!
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11street is organising a ‘Take Me to Rio” contest from 8 to 31 August. The grand prize, worth more than RM40,000, encompasses a pair of flight tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, accommodation, meals and sightseeing expenses. The contest is open for all registered members of 11street. For regular members, they are entitled one contest entry for every RM50 spent. Meanwhile, VIP and VVIP members get one contest entry for every RM30 worth of transaction.

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Note: The advertisers gathered here have no relation to the Rio 2016 Games and only sponsor this special section.

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White Ribbon Run 2016 @ Desa Park City, KL

What? White Ribbon Run 2016

When? 27 Nov 2016 (Sunday) 6.30am

Where? Sportscentre, Desa Park City, KL

Why? The White Ribbon Campaign is the world's largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equality, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity. Through the White Ribbon Campaign, AWAM hopes to provide a platform where men can break their silence and proactively engage on the issue of violence against women. AWAM believes that men and boys must be part of the solution to end gender-based violence.

How far? 7 km run & 3km walk

How much? RM70/Adult; RM40/child'

Registration link:

Event page:

Media Release: ASICS Badminton Championship 2016 Returns for 2nd Year Running to Bring More Smashing Good Times to Malaysians

Malaysian badminton is poised for greater heights on the world stage with the return of ASICS Badminton Championship 2016 (ABC 2016). Touted as one of the largest public open badminton tournaments in Malaysia, ABC 2016 is organized by ASICS, a true sport performance brand. This prestigious sporting event is in support of „Hari Sukan Negara 2016,‟ an initiative by the Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia to turn Malaysia into a sporting nation.

For the second year running, ABC 2016 serves as a powerful platform to nurture future sporting champions critical to bolstering Malaysia‟s dominance as a badminton powerhouse in the global sporting arena. ASICS aims to play a major role in promoting sporting excellence and encouraging more Malaysian youths to take up badminton as a sporting activity.

“We are pleased to bring back the ASICS Badminton Championship to a leading „badminton nation‟ such as Malaysia where the sport enjoys wide participation from all layers of the society. ABC 2016 underscores ASICS‟ continuous commitment to elevate the standard of badminton by providing a new platform to increase competitive opportunities and raise standards for all badminton players,” said Yogesh Gandhi, Managing Director, ASICS Asia PTE. LTD.

With the Preliminary rounds schedule to be held from 6 – 8 October 2016 at Sports Affairs, and the Finals scheduled to be held on 9 October 2016 at Sunway Pyramid Mall, ABC 2016 is expected to draw 500 participants across 8 categories.

“Sports is a powerful platform to foster national pride and bond communities in a multi-racial society. Many sports personalities and world champions also serve as inspiring role models for young Malaysians. Through ASICS Badminton Champion 2016, ASICS endeavours to further inculcate the spirit of sporting excellence and its mantra ‘Want It More’ among aspiring Malaysian badminton enthusiasts to constantly push their limits and achieve their goals,” added Yogesh.

ASICS Badminton Championship 2016 Details

Registration is open from August 13th to 30th September 2016, at For more information, please contact (e-mail), or visit the official Facebook page (

Categories and Registration Fees
There are 8 categories with corresponding registration fees, including: Men's Singles Open (RM40), Veteran‟s Doubles minimum age of 45 years each (RM70), Men's Doubles Open (RM80), Men's Doubles U21 (RM70), Men's Singles U21 (RM35), Women's Singles Open (RM40). Women's Singles U21 (RM30) and Women‟s Doubles Open (RM80).

Prizes will include ASICS product vouchers and sponsors‟ merchandise worth a total RM35,140 across all 8 categories to be won.

In-store Promotions 
Starting 15th August 2016, the first 10 participants to register for ABC 2016 at each of the 3 participating ASICS stores, ASICS Sunway Pyramid, ASICS 1Utama and ASICS Pavilion, will be able to receive 20% off the registration fee.

All registered participants of the ABC 2016 will receive an exclusive RM50 discount off a selected range of ASICS court shoes at any of the 3 participating ASICS stores; promotion valid from 15th August to 10th October 2016.

For updates on event information, please stay tuned or visit:

Media Release: adidas Releases Limited Edition UltraBOOST Metallic Pack

KUALA LUMPUR, 17th August 2016 – adidas has today unveiled three unique limited edition versions of its leading UltraBOOST running shoe with the launch of the Metallic Pack.

The shoes feature a striking metallic styling, giving the iconic UltraBOOST a premium look and feel. Each shoe has been given sophisticated gold, silver or bronze detailing – making the Metallic Pack one of the most premium looking UltraBOOST’s available.

The range combines a black adidas Primeknit upper construction as well as, exclusively for the gold edition, a high quality leather cage and contrasting white BOOST sole. Each version is given an added touch of quality with tonal laces.

The limited edition UltraBOOST Metallic Pack is today available via and in select performance stores, retailing at RM750.

Join the adidas Energy running movement by following @adidasrunning on Twitter and Instagram using #UltraBOOST and #adidasMY.

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Media Release: Nearly 10,000 to take part in Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain 2016

Genting Highlands, 16 August 2016 –
The obstacle course event that is Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain 2016 is a confirmed success even before it begins—tickets are already sold out. Some nearly 10,000 participants have signed up.

But for those wishing to join the camaraderie of the day, all is not lost. They can still go for the good food and great music lined up. All they need to do to soak in the carnival atmosphere is be there at The Ranch @ Gohtong Jaya on 20 August 2016, from 8am to 7pm.

They may not be able to compete with the weekend warriors and the like who will be geared up to conquer the various obstacles set up, but hey, the food and music alone would be worth it.

This is the second year running that Resorts World Genting is involved with the Genting King of the Mountain event along with Viper Challenge, but this time. And apart from the obstacle course, the focus is also very much on music and food, glorious food!

What's excitingly unique is that there will be plenty of food trucks around, along with a Roasted Chicken with Firewood presented “tall tower and campfire style.” Colourful food trucks adding to the carnival atmosphere sell all types of food and they include Big Hug Burgers, The Backyard Chef (Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips and Ice Cream), Planet Gergazi (hotdogs), and Lokka Cafe (sandwiches, sausages, hotdogs, juices and teas) and many more.

Yes, warriors must fuel up for energy—and there are food trucks selling desserts and sweets that will address their need for calories, namely Pocky, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, and Juice Buzz. Beverages including beer are also aplenty.

No festival is complete without music and on this score, the event presents the Double Aze comprising Allan G. Murillon and Albert Sirimal. The duo will entertain you with their gentle harmonies and acoustic numbers, covering old songs and newer hits alike. Another performer is June Wong along with her keyboardist friend who will wow listeners with her smooth vocals as she tackles some contemporary numbers.

Best obstacle course event

The obstacle course spans over a 10-kilometre route covering a landscape filled with crooked pathways and rugged terrain. Participants can expect to be tested physically and mentally as the route is interspersed with 15 challenging manmade obstacles.

Those participating this year can expect the same kind of challenges including Horizontal Shuffle and Peg Wall; the former involving rock climbing on a horizontal wall while the latter is a test of grip strength that requires one to pull oneself up a four-metre wall using only pegs.

Kevin Tann, Vice President of Promotions & Entertainment of Resorts World Genting, is happy to be involved with Genting King of the Mountain again.

"It is arguably the best obstacle course event around because it combines great obstacles, good weather and a finishing festival," Tann says, adding that tickets for the challenge last year were sold out within two weeks after it opened for sale. Participants should therefore book early, he says.

Many international participants took part last year including 43-year-old Leander Westendorp from Holland who described the event as “really good and more challenging compared to previous events held in KL.”

And like last year, participants can expect to bring home more than souvenirs like shirts and medals—they can look forward to forging memories from the many exciting activities lined up. Barbecue grill food galore were among the elements that made the event such a success last year—and participants can expect more such features this year.

For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to

NOTICE OF APOLOGIES: Kuching International Marathon 2016


KMA would like to extend our sincere apologies to the runners who were affected by the shortage of waters at water stations in KM2016.

The affected water stations are mainly located along Jalan Diplomatik at KM21, KM23 and KM25 of 42KM Full Marathon route and some other water stations nearby to a lesser extent.

KMA has launched an investigation into the incident by reviewing the number of participants for each categories against the quantity of water required, the supply of amount of water both in isotonic and plain water, examining the logistics mechanism of water to each and every water station and its security, the cup size and method in serving the waters to runners, the back-up supply procedures among others to find out the root cause of the problem.

We have concluded the investigation and would summarize our findings as follows:

There is no variance as to amount of water supplied by our Hydration Sponsor, Revive. The quantities of cartons supplied is based on the very same formula that we used for KM2014 and KM2015 by taking into consideration of the number of participant of each categories, distance of route from start/finish point etc.

We have checked with the transporters who are tasked to deliver the waters to each water station against volunteers team leaders who is the receiving end of the water supply, we found nothing unusual and suspicious.

We did not receive any report from RELA who manned each and every WS tent of incident that could lead to a shortage of water.

We have also checked with volunteers of each WS and get their feedback on the pattern of consumption of runners who passed the WS especially the WS before and after Jalan Diplomatik.

We have also checked the calling and delivery procedure for back-up water supply.

We have therefore concluded that the shortage of water is due to the following factors:

Higher consumption of water is apparent especially at the affected WS as compared to previous years. This could be due to hot weather condition.

The back-up water supply taken longer time to deliver to the affected area thereby resulting in discontinuance of water supply at the affected WS.

We would like to thank in particular, Joachim, the event manager for getting the supply of additional water to be delivered to ensure that the subsequent water stations would not be affected.

We also thank many runners who have provided feedback on the incident and suggested methods in handling the situation at that critical moment.

KMA, as the organizer of KM2016 take full responsibility of the incident of shortage of water and we will do whatever we can to ensure this will not happen again.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the above problem occurred.

Kuching Marathon Association.


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Love may manifest itself in ten thousand ways. However, the reason for falling in love with each other is only one. One is a habitual gambler and the other is a kind and poor prostitute. He tries his best to deceive this poor prostitute and this prostitute believes everything he says.

Later, an ironic story happens! As they get to know each other more, the two persons begin to really care about each other from the very beginning when they both show dislike toward the other! Just at the very moment when happiness seems to come to them, cruelty befalls at last! Behind all these plots, what touches us most is one’s devotion for love without regrets and the self-redemption of the other.

Language: Cantonese
General Release Date: 25 Aug 2016
Genre: Action/ Romance
Cast: Aaron Kwok, Yang Zishan, Hao Lei, Andy On
Director: Matt Wu

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